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the functionality
of the Apple Music App

Apple Music is a music and video streaming service developed by Apple Inc.

Users select music to stream to their device on-demand, or they can listen to existing playlists. 

The re-designed function allows users to select and delete multiple songs without difficulty.


Personal Project


UX Designer, UI Designer




The Apple Music app redesign project has begun from my inconvenient experience of using the app.

The current app provides users to swipe to the left to delete and download a song, and swipe to the right to re-arrange a song. Even though I've been using this app for several years, still I can not find a way to select and delete multiple songs that I don't want in my library.

Therefore, I redesigned the app function by myself while I am wishing Apple updates its function.


In a current app, users only can delete the song one by one. If users accidentally added 200 songs to their library list, how might they delete all 200 songs from the list but keep their favorite song in there?

I tested two Apple Music users to see how they delete the song from their library.

Current User Path 1: Swipe to delete


Current User Path 2: Select to delete


Re-designed wireframe

Here is a hi-fi wireframe of the redesigned function. I've changed the sort button to a select button because I want to keep the design as simple but add more functions to the existing design.

Once the users click the select button, they can either sort the songs as before or can edit their multiple songs. 


Deleting 5 selected songs from the list

Deleting all songs from the list

Future Goal

While I am testing app users, I could notice there are still have some inconvenient experiences for users to use it.  So I made annotations under each screen as my future work.

1st, I will redesign the lyric screen so that if users click the specific lyric part then the song will automatically restart from the part where I selected.


2nd, I discovered that the app has limited functionality to arrange the song list. (Please refer to the bottom of the images) As my future work, I will add a function for users to play a music list in the order they want.


Thank You!


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